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Our Mission

Gridiron Inc. specializes in strength and conditioning training for all levels of fitness. Our philosophy of training intensely, utilizing many styles of training from High Intensity, power lifting and strength athletics allows us to provide our client's safe, efficient and effective workouts. Our continual goal is to have our clients reach their strength and conditioning goals, while continuously teaching proper form and technique.


Our ability to provide corrective exercise and improve the quality of life for our clients makes us a unique training facility in comparison to other training facilities and gyms. The diversity and spectrum of our clients range from pro athletes including, but not limited to NFL players, Lacrosse and Basketball players, and a NYC Rockette. We also work with clients who are in need of corrective exercise; post rehabilitation and clients who want too lose weight and regain their health and strength.


At Gridiron Inc, lifelong fitness is an achievable priority. We tailor workouts based on your needs and fitness level so you can live the best life possible! Contact us to get started!

Strength/Conditioning: Utilizing our variety of strength equipment to increase heart rate, train specific muscles to increase strength, size, and muscle endurance.


Power: Combining strength equipment, functional equipment and compound movements to increase muscle size, strength and conditioning levels (Increased intensity from the strength and conditoning phase).


Stabilization: Concentrates on core strength training, which focuses on lower back, abdominal muscles as well as smaller muscles throughout the body, which assists in stabilizing the body through specific movements.


Corrective: Concentrates on a client and or patient who is in need of excercises for corrective needs or rehabilitation.

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Our Philosophy

5 Checkpoints

1. Full range of motion exercises


2. Allow the muscles to raise the weight


3. Emphasize the lowering of the weight


4. The point of momentary muscular fatigue (MMF) has been reached


5. Recovery time between sets


At Gridiron Inc we believe in keeping each workout fresh and innovative. We take pride in training the most novice beginner to competitive athletes on any level. Our variety in training equipment allows us to achieve our goals and our client's goals in a safe, efficient manner.

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